I really like the sound of the tape. It adds this vintage analogue sound to the music, which I really like. I used my old SONY TC-252 tape recorder to add that analogue touch to my recordings. Therefore things I recorded in Ableton, were than recorded on the tape and returned to the computer via Gleetchlab 3.0.  The fact that the head of the recorder is worn out adds even more old style analogue hiss and sounds which were earlier considered unwanted by many producers. But I like them very much. You will hear many of that sounds on the upcoming album “Remaining Sounds“.

I also bought a nice Tascam Porta 07, a 4-track cassette multitracker. I don’t have experience with it, but I think I am going to prepare some new sounds just with it and my other analogue instruments.

Tape and Gleetchlab – they play together on “Remaining Sounds

My new old Tascam