I would like to recommend the new album of my friend Sebastian Banaszczyk, who is widely known as Bionulor. I had a chance to publish his debut album in my etalabel.com 2 years ago. His latest album called “Sacred Mushroom Chant” is a unique sound experience. He spent 3,5 years composing it and in my opinion every track was composed with a unique precision.

Here is what he says about the album: “Each of the five tracks is based on a separate part of the sound source. Then the base is: an archival record of shamanic chant associated with the ceremony of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, a Japanese traditional song extracted from a collection of old vinyl records, Neil Armstrong’s walking on the lunar surface famous phrase, a fragment of an interview with Marcel Duchamp telling about his first ready-made, and finally the voice of the artist himself denouncing the sentence attributed to Hasan ibn Sabbah (“Nothing is true”).

Here you can listen to the album: