While preparing “Remaining Sounds” I composed some tracks which I finally decided not to add to the album play-list. So here it is the first one. It is called “Bckgrnd“. It was composed using the method I described earlier. Than everything was recorded on tape and after that it returned to the computer. While recording I touched the reels to slow things down, and you can hear it clearly at the beginning and the end of the track. I think this track can be classified as a pure ambient sound.

You can download this track and use it in your compositions, but please let me know if you do it.

Oto odrzut z sesji “Remaining Sounds”. Jest to jeden z pierwszych utworów, który powstał na ten album. Track można pobrać i użyć w swoich kompozycjach, ale proszę o kontakt jeśli zostanie użyty. Chciałbym usłyszeć to co stworzycie.