Bonobo “Black Sands” is one of my favourite albums of the 2010. There are at least two reasons why I like it so much. I was very lucky to get the Chinese visa in October. I thought that it would be impossible to fly to China but I luckily got the visa. Than, when I came back home I played the CD in the car. And both tracks “Prelude” and “Kiara” sound a bit Chinese, so I played the CD many times in the car, also when my little daughter was travelling with me.

I also learned how to play the main theme of the above mentioned tracks. I was playing it on the flute and suddenly my daughter started singing the main theme with me. She was singing in her own language and that was really funny. That is why I decided to but the vinyl LP version. She really likes the whole ceremony of turning the turntable on. She usually presses the start button and we listen to the music.