This city is amazing! I must say it was a small shock when I first came to Berlin with my friends from the ChoP Project. Total FREEDOM is the first thing that comes to my mind. During our stay in Berlin there was a parade of the homosexuals and there were many gays and lesbians traveling round the city in the public transport. Nobody was shocked – it was a normal thing for the citizens. (It’s hard to imagine such thing in Poland). I really love this city. There are many small clubs, coffee bars, tea rooms, restaurants, etc. There are districts which are calm and others which are full of live 24/7. There are old vinyl shops all around and the vinyls are very cheap – from 1 to 5 EURo per LP. Public transport is amazing. You can reach every place without any problems.

And personally I also felt the history… There is no Berlin Wall anymore, but you can see the places where it was. Berlin Wall Memorial, places where people were killed. And you can distinguish east and west Berlin – the buildings are quite different. And the air, too… I would really like to come back there in the near future…

photos by Piotr Michałowski