Always comes the time to talk about money. We applied to the Adam Mickiewicz Institute to get some money for the ChoP Tour in China. Our application was quite good, but not good enough. They gave our application 55 points and approved projects from 60 points. We almost got the funds!

But we decided not to sit and cry. We started a campaign using the IndieGoGo web page. There you can read about the Tour. If you decide to support us, you will get some great rewords (perks). Just use PayPal.

What you will get by donating our campaign? Starting from music, concert recordings, mentioning your name on a CD, real postcards from China, DJ-Mao T-shirt, live performance in your house etc. ending with the simplest, but most significant – satisfaction from being a patron of a project which is not focused on making more and more money (like the whole world does), but on creating something new based on collaboration between artists from different parts of the world.

Some anonymous people already decided to support us! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Some supporters will get this T-Shirt!