This track is a single from the album “::3::”of my project Eta Carinae published by

As you know I run label called I have a mission in my label to support young and unknown musicians. It’s really hard job nowadays! I make a lot of effort to support them, publish their first albums, make promo around the net, draw attention of the reviewers and journalists, organise gigs, etc. And still some people illegally put the mp3s of our releases on rapidshare! I cannot understand why?

Please consider buying the album “Movement…” and / or “::3::” by my project Eta Carinae and HELPING THE LABEL EXIST.

It’s up to you how much you would be willing to pay |
Just “Name Your Price“.

Or if you want to get the album, just get it from the label, not some illegal sources!

All of the supporters will later get a special discount for the next DigiPack ETALABEL release which will be a nice Polish-Chinese collaboration!