Disquiet Junto Project 0015: RGB Interaction

I decided to use the 3 samples that I recorded using a contact microphone.
Please watch the short film showing how the samples were recorded:

First I used a RED sheet of paper. I glued the contact microphone to the paper and recorded 22.5 seconds of the rain (it was an impulse because it started to rain when I got an idea)

Later i glued the contact microphone to the GREEN glass and played the glass with a bow. I recorded 30 seconds of a nice tune which later became some kind of soundscape.

The last part was a preparation of a simple BLUE instrument. I used a BLUE ice-cream box. I drilled two holes and put a plastic rod through the holes. Than I used the BLUE rubber band as some kind of strings. I recorded 27 seconds of me playing the rubber strings.

Of course the recordings were a bit longer so I had to cut them to the proper length.

The three samples became the only material for the whole track. Finally I made a track using Ableton Live.

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