My album “Live in May” was actually the first one I signed with my own name and surname. It was published as a FREE release by MindTwistingRecords and than many people downloaded the release. It was 2 years ago.

Some of my friends told me that now, after those 2 years, they would like to get the album in a physical form. Therefore I started thinking of making a limited run of CDrs in a nice hand-painted recycled cardboard package! Apart from a CD with the bonus track, the package will include the original hand-numbered square cover photo + some extras.

You can support the idea and BUY the digital album. If you buy it now, you will get a nice discount for the limited physical package.

4 PLN (or more) = about $1.50 (or more) = about 1 EUR (or more)


CLICK HERE to buy the digital version and support the idea.

Photos - Live in May

Big square Photos – DEVELOPED !!

Typed texts

All inserts will be written on a typewriter and special paper!

Covers - Live in May

Recycled paper covers!

First inserts ready!

First inserts ready!

Writing with small stamps… a lot of work!

CDs are here!