a closer listen

StillnessWinter music is more subtle than Christmas music, with a wider tonal palette.  This music may inspire thoughts of snowmen on frozen fields, sled dogs and glaciers, hot chocolate and the hearth.  Listeners may be frolicking outdoors or snowed in, but whatever their conditions, this music provides the perfect score.  As temperatures continue to plummet and the animals find their winter homes, we’ll have this music to keep us warm.

2014 was easily the best year for winter music in recent memory.  With dozens of releases to choose from, it was impossible to narrow this feature down to ten, so we’ve chosen twelve, one for each month.  It’s going to be a long winter, so the more music, the better.  This year’s selections are listed in the order of activity, from frozen to thawed.  We hope that you’ll love what you hear!

Yann Novak ~ Snowfall (Dragon’s Eye)
A six-hour…

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