Boundless EP

This short “Boundless” EP was recorded in 2012/2013 and it was meant to be part of the bigger project with other artists which unfortunately wasn’t accomplished. The music shows the direction in which I started going back then. While recording I used some analogue synths, guitar and field recordings and lots of other stuff.

While preparing the physical release I took the photos not far from the place I live – in the glacial valley of the river Warta (3rd longest river in Poland). It is not the first time I go there to search for inspirations. That wild area appeared on the cover of the first Eta Carinae album long time ago. The tree you can see there does not exist any more…

I wanted to make something special. So here it is – each package contains black handmade cover with handpainted coverart, one of the unique photos 13×13 cm, developed on the mat photo paper and a vinyl-like black CD. (There were 25 copies and there are only 5 copies left, so hurry up)


Unique photo prints

Handmade design