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Hello, I haven’t written for a very long time. Probably there are not many people interested in the things I do here on wordpress, still, the blog exists, so I should update it with some info. Last year was quite productive. I played several concerts and started some fruitful collaborations. You will hear the results soon. The most important thing was the ChoP Festival 2016 in November, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ChoP Project. We had several awesome concerts in different venues in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I had a chance to play during the Festiwal Ambientalny in Wrocław and it was amazing, cause I had a chance to meet and have a chat with Rafael Anton Irisarri and Julianna Barwick. It was a great evening.

The future looks quite interesting. I have just finished a new album and I am working on some new ideas which will be published, soon.

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Oh yes, This year was simply awesome. I am adding here only last few pictures from several concerts.
The full list is here:

Polyphonia FestivalPolyphonia Festival – Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw

DSC_5340re:source Festival – Klub RE, Kraków

We had a nice show in Cafe Belg, in Częstochowa. The live event was called “Sounds of Tea”. Pan Ziliang prepared some Kung Fu Tea for the guests, Kenbo painted some nice pictures and Zen Lu and me played an improvised live-act.

Check the Zen Lu’s description of the event.

Pan Ziliang preparing Kung Fu Tea

Pan Ziliang preparing Kung Fu Tea

Kenbo - painting, Zen Lu + Grzegorz Bojanek = ChoP Project on stage

Kenbo – painting, Zen Lu + Grzegorz Bojanek = ChoP Project on stage


I started working on new material called “Frozen Lake” inspired by the lake which is near the place I live. I presented it for the first time during WEF.LIVE.LAB on 23.02.2013 in Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.

Here are some excerpts:

The physical release of my album “Live in May” is almost ready. Thank you all for a big support! (You know who you are!)

There will be only 30 copies of the album. And soon it will be available online.

CLICK HERE to by the digital and physical release (soon).

Photos - Live in May

Big square Photos – DEVELOPED !!

Covers - Live in May

Recycled paper covers!

First inserts ready!

First inserts ready!

Writing with small stamps… a lot of work!

CDs are here!

Wczoraj w ramach 21 Finału Wielkiej Orkiestry Świątecznej Pomocy odbył się w porajskim kinie bajka koncert zespołu Orbidicort. (właśnie, jak to jest z tą nazwą, bo na plakacie Orkiestry było przez “D” na końcu, a na fejsie jest przez “T”) – Mniejsza z tym, filmiku nie zmieniam, bo za długo się ładował. Wiadomo o kogo chodzi. Tak czy inaczej, polecam trochę punk rocka w poniedziałek, po Finale…

Mnie i Benowi udało się wylicytować parasolkę w kolorze żółtym :-) Dodatkowo oddałem wiele płyt na licytacje, które poszły spokojnie za ponad 300 PLN. YEAH!

Przy okazji (tak dla odmiany gatunku), zapraszam też do zakupu mojego albumu “Live in May” za jedyne 4 PLNy w wersji Download. Zbieram na wydanie fizyczne tego krążka… Zapraszam

Check out this amazing track which was recorded live during the Shanghai Electronic Music Week last year.

This year we will perform during the ChoP Festival in Shenzhen and Hong Kong!

Here is a nice 50% discount for my previous album “Live in May

BandCamp password: “bojaneklive



It was a spontaneous decision. I called my friend Peter, who is the owner of my favourite Tea Room Cafe Belg in the City of Częstochowa, and he said that I could come and play a small live act if I want. So after 2 days of preparation I was in Cafe Belg playing some ambient sounds. Here is the video excerpt:

Now you can find my last live album “Live in May” on DISCOGS.