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Hello Friends, here is my last EP, entitled “WITHOUT” – only digital, but sill, please listen and tell me what you think. And here is the story behind the music.

It all started in September 2017 when I was thinking about rehearsing with my post-punk band Restless Astronaut for a show. News of my father’s death came early in the morning while I was driving my car. I had to turn around and go the the hospital, stay strong for my mother and family, start preparations for the funeral. It was not easy, but as the only son, this was my duty. I had to postpone the time of mourning. But there was more bad news that autumn. Exactly one month later, Michał, one of my best high school friends passed away as well. I was devastated – we shared so many good memories: parties, sailing, hiking mountains and hitchhiking across the whole country. Furthermore, my father, Michał and I shared the same love for skiing. We skied together in the Polish mountains, in the Alps, we passed the ski-instructor certificates. It was simply impossible to believe that those two guys, who meant so much to me were dead. It was very difficult to talk about those emotions, so I simply took my guitar and started recording in the living room, the kitchen, the studio.

The music on this EP is composed using a guitar with effects, pedals, loops and processing. No other sounds were used. I wanted to use just one instrument, in the same way we three shared love for the guitar sounds.

Here is the BandCamp link. As this is a very personal release I don’t want to charge money for it – you can download it for FREE. But if you think that a little support in this time of loss is a good idea – I am really grateful!





Bojanek - Stories_2_1000px

Now you can get the physical edition of my new album. Handpainted cover limited to only 25 copies. (Grab one while you still can)

Bojanek - Stories_2_1000px

My new album is called “Stories of an Old Man”. It is a bit different than other music I created. The tracks on this album were created as the audio background for an audiobook. That audiobook contains stories about my hometown. As the stories are pretty dark (full of murders, breakouts, explosions, arrests by communist regime), the music is sometimes dark and disturbing, too. The mucis on “Stories of an Old Man” are reworked versions and they are a bit darker, full of ambient, experimental sounds and even some techno pulses.

Also it is worth mentioning that the album was mastered by Michał Wolski, so you can be sure that there will be many beautifull noises and tape hiss! ENJOY.

Hello, I haven’t written for a very long time. Probably there are not many people interested in the things I do here on wordpress, still, the blog exists, so I should update it with some info. Last year was quite productive. I played several concerts and started some fruitful collaborations. You will hear the results soon. The most important thing was the ChoP Festival 2016 in November, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ChoP Project. We had several awesome concerts in different venues in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I had a chance to play during the Festiwal Ambientalny in Wrocław and it was amazing, cause I had a chance to meet and have a chat with Rafael Anton Irisarri and Julianna Barwick. It was a great evening.

The future looks quite interesting. I have just finished a new album and I am working on some new ideas which will be published, soon.

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The albums are published on my BandCamp, too.

See you soon.




You can find my new track “Waiting For The Moon” on the new compilation by the SOFT Recordings entitled “Discovery 1“.

Discovery series aims to promote new artists and sounds in the experimental music community; including ambient, drone, electronic, noise and modern classical genres. It’s free.



I am a proud member of Warsaw Laptop Orchestra… Here is our last live-act

The winter of 2013 / 2014 was very strange. The USA had terrible frost and huge snowfall, whereas the winter in Europe where I live was extraordinarily warm. We had only two weeks in January with the temperature below zero degrees Celsius and almost no snow. In order to remember this warm winter I felt like recording some warm sounds. Here they are. Enjoy them and remember to save your energy.


If you like streaming services like Spotify, you can listen to my music there, too (also Deezer or Wimp). My last “Boundless” EP can be found there.


You can also get it on iTunes – just click HERE

Remember that you can still get the physical copy – HERE