It was a pleasure to play a live-act during the 17th Ambient Festival in Gorlice. People who come to the Festival are real fans of the ambient and electronic music! They listen, talk to artists, buy CDs. That was an one and only, amazing experience. Thank you Tadeusz Łuczejko!  We spent a great time with Maciej Szymczuk and Ksymena, Alex and his wife, Łukasz Pawlak, Greg Martin, and many others! The final bonfire and sausages was something incredible! I hope to come back next year!





Tego wieczoru w Nokturnie na antenie radiowej Dwójki szczególny zestaw nagrań, które gromadziły się – w większości przez nas nieemitowane – przez ostatni rok. Mamy nadzieję, że dobrze zilustrują to, co dzieje się w elektronicznym (w większości) i skoncentrowanym na muzyce ambient (choć nie tylko) środowisku polskiej nowej muzyki. Będzie można usłyszeć nagrania takich artystów jak Micromelancolié, Fischerle, K. , Técieu czy Grzegorz Bojanek wydane przez małe wytwórnie na płytach i kasetach w ciągu ostatnich kilkunastu miesięcy. Serdecznie zapraszamy – początek o 23.05.

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I am a proud member of Warsaw Laptop Orchestra… Here is our last live-act

The winter of 2013 / 2014 was very strange. The USA had terrible frost and huge snowfall, whereas the winter in Europe where I live was extraordinarily warm. We had only two weeks in January with the temperature below zero degrees Celsius and almost no snow. In order to remember this warm winter I felt like recording some warm sounds. Here they are. Enjoy them and remember to save your energy.


If you like streaming services like Spotify, you can listen to my music there, too (also Deezer or Wimp). My last “Boundless” EP can be found there.


You can also get it on iTunes – just click HERE

Remember that you can still get the physical copy – HERE

Boundless EP

This short “Boundless” EP was recorded in 2012/2013 and it was meant to be part of the bigger project with other artists which unfortunately wasn’t accomplished. The music shows the direction in which I started going back then. While recording I used some analogue synths, guitar and field recordings and lots of other stuff.

While preparing the physical release I took the photos not far from the place I live – in the glacial valley of the river Warta (3rd longest river in Poland). It is not the first time I go there to search for inspirations. That wild area appeared on the cover of the first Eta Carinae album long time ago. The tree you can see there does not exist any more…

I wanted to make something special. So here it is – each package contains black handmade cover with handpainted coverart, one of the unique photos 13×13 cm, developed on the mat photo paper and a vinyl-like black CD. (There were 25 copies and there are only 5 copies left, so hurry up)


Unique photo prints

Handmade design



Here is my shoegaze EP entitled “Distortion Destroyed”…

The idea behind this album is pretty similar to one Vulfpeck had when they published “Sleepify”. They simply wanted to fight with the system – when Spotify pays about $0.006 for one listen, let’s make an album with silence, short tracks and ask our fans to listen to it. The finally got $20.000!

My EP does not contain silence. Tracks are short, but not THAT short. Still, the more you listen, the more I get of those $0.006 :-)

Thank you!

a closer listen

StillnessWinter music is more subtle than Christmas music, with a wider tonal palette.  This music may inspire thoughts of snowmen on frozen fields, sled dogs and glaciers, hot chocolate and the hearth.  Listeners may be frolicking outdoors or snowed in, but whatever their conditions, this music provides the perfect score.  As temperatures continue to plummet and the animals find their winter homes, we’ll have this music to keep us warm.

2014 was easily the best year for winter music in recent memory.  With dozens of releases to choose from, it was impossible to narrow this feature down to ten, so we’ve chosen twelve, one for each month.  It’s going to be a long winter, so the more music, the better.  This year’s selections are listed in the order of activity, from frozen to thawed.  We hope that you’ll love what you hear!

Yann Novak ~ Snowfall (Dragon’s Eye)
A six-hour…

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Oh yes, This year was simply awesome. I am adding here only last few pictures from several concerts.
The full list is here:

Polyphonia FestivalPolyphonia Festival – Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw

DSC_5340re:source Festival – Klub RE, Kraków

I am very happy to announce that my latest album entitled “Analogue” was published by an awesome boutique Australian label Twice Removed. The album was recorded in 2011 when I did not have a laptop. In order to record all ideas and the whole album I used the 4-track TASCAM taperecorder. It was a challenging experience full of constraints. I played all different guitars, kitchen utensils, I used contact microphones sticked to paper and all other possible things which surrounded me. I also cut the tape and glued it to make long loops on a reel-to-reel recorder. I hope you gonna like the music. Here it is: