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The last week Disquiet Junto project (I missed Disquiet Junto this week)

What I wanted to achieve while making the track was the feeling of intimacy and calmness. I don’t know if I’ve managed – it’s up to you to assess.

About the process:
First of all I wanted to use the guitar. But than, on Friday when there were several guitar tracks already uploaded I decided to stick to melodica. My experience with this instrument is quite different and I really don’t have a ready patent how to record it well. So sometimes I achieve good results and sometimes bad.

I decided to record the melodica on my Tascam 4-track tape recorder. First I took the tape out and destroyed it with my feet. Luckily the tape wasn’t cut into pieces :-) I recorded two track simultaneously. The first one was recorded with a normal microphone, and the second with a contact microphone glued to the melodica. I was eating almonds during recording and I decided to put some almonds on the keys. It was a good idea cause I got some clicks I really like and I used them a lot.

Here are the results of that original Tascam recording. Check it out because there you can really hear where and how the tape was damaged. Please DOWNLOAD & USE it as much as you want to. Just let me know of the results:

What I did with it? I just simply cut short loops and played a lot with them. I also used some of them in the Gleetchlab to achieve the seamless loops at the end of the recording.

I didn’t have much time to record everything on Friday so I put all damaged loops into Ableton to create the track. Than on Sunday I simply recorded some melodica tunes straight to Live and created the final version.

More details on the Disquiet Junto

Another track for the Disquiet Junto project.

This week’s effort is the 16th weekly Junto, and it is a shared-sample project. The theme is “background and foreground.” There are two provided samples, one of sandpaper and the other of dice. Please make one track employing both samples. You can transform them in any way you wish. You can add other elements if you choose to. However, one of the two samples should provide the predominant background sound, and the other should provide the predominant foreground sound. Which does which is up to you.

I decided to use only the samples of the sandpaper and the dice and not add any other sounds. I wanted to check if I can create melody out of simply non-melodic sounds.

I started with a great sound designer tool which is Ableton’s Sampler. I uploaded the dice sounds and used a very tiny portion of the sound between 0:05:523 and 0:05:529. When I played it back and forward it become a nice instrument. I created some melodic loops which were later “damaged” in Gleetchlab 3.0. – This melodic sounds become the foreground.

Later I used all possible tools to create some hissing noisy soundscapes out of the sandpaper sound. I layered 4 of those sandsapes which become an interesting background for me. Later I used some EQ modification in Ableton live and composed the whole track there.

Sandpaper sample by HerbertBoland
Dice sample by Robinhood76

More details on the Disquiet Junto at: Disquiet Junto

I started thinking if I can still record an interesting soundscape without a laptop. OK, I used the laptop to edit the recording, but the original recording was made without the laptop.

I used old CASIO VL-1 to record 2 tones. The first one was recorded on the Philips cassette Memo Recorder, the second tone was recorded using a contact microphone on the Zoom H4, and than the recording was transferred to the NOKIA C3 Touch and Type mobile phone. The tones were recorded outside at midnight. I played the third tone manually.

Later after I made the film, I decided to record it once more. And than it started to rain. I decided to edit the “rainy” version in Ableton Live.

It was a nice experience! What do you think about it? Please let me know.

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