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This time the trip wasn’t very long. 21 km only. But I managed to take a nice picture of the man fishing alone…

Fishing Alone

The last week Disquiet Junto project (I missed Disquiet Junto this week)

What I wanted to achieve while making the track was the feeling of intimacy and calmness. I don’t know if I’ve managed – it’s up to you to assess.

About the process:
First of all I wanted to use the guitar. But than, on Friday when there were several guitar tracks already uploaded I decided to stick to melodica. My experience with this instrument is quite different and I really don’t have a ready patent how to record it well. So sometimes I achieve good results and sometimes bad.

I decided to record the melodica on my Tascam 4-track tape recorder. First I took the tape out and destroyed it with my feet. Luckily the tape wasn’t cut into pieces :-) I recorded two track simultaneously. The first one was recorded with a normal microphone, and the second with a contact microphone glued to the melodica. I was eating almonds during recording and I decided to put some almonds on the keys. It was a good idea cause I got some clicks I really like and I used them a lot.

Here are the results of that original Tascam recording. Check it out because there you can really hear where and how the tape was damaged. Please DOWNLOAD & USE it as much as you want to. Just let me know of the results:

What I did with it? I just simply cut short loops and played a lot with them. I also used some of them in the Gleetchlab to achieve the seamless loops at the end of the recording.

I didn’t have much time to record everything on Friday so I put all damaged loops into Ableton to create the track. Than on Sunday I simply recorded some melodica tunes straight to Live and created the final version.

More details on the Disquiet Junto