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Please check this awesome IDM release. This album is a trip back to the 90’s so if you loved early albums of Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, u-Ziq or Cylob – you should definitely check it out.

Here is the BandCamp link where you can get the album in physical form. Several options available!

Many people say, that the second day was better because Aphex Twin did better than Greenwood. Maybe yes, maybe not. In my opinion not. I am a fan of noise, and sometimes I create noise tracks. But still, I think that during such a big event people should be warned about the sound level. It was far too loud! After the first composition of Penderecki Aphex started deconstructing it. The composition itself was quite OK, but the sound level was enormous. People closed their ears, some of them started leaving the venue. After the second composition of Penderecki me and most of the friends did the same. We simply left. In the lobby I saw a mother with a small child which was crying out of pain! Where was the organiser? Where were the warinings? Who let a small child enter the venue? Adult people couldn’t stand the sound level, so what a small baby (an infant in fact), could feel? AWFUL! And what do you think?

An excerpt of Penderecki:

An excerpt of Aphex Twin: