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I started working on new material called “Frozen Lake” inspired by the lake which is near the place I live. I presented it for the first time during WEF.LIVE.LAB on 23.02.2013 in Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.

Here are some excerpts:

River Mill

During my last bike trip (over 52 km) I found a small building on the river Warta. It appeared to be an old river mill. I really like taking photos of the old building used for technical purposes. This one was really nice.


Today I was in Będusz. I saw a strange building. It looks like a castle, but it is probably (or it was) some kind of factory. I read that it was built in the beginning of the 20th century. What do you think about it? (Today 50 km)

This time the idea was to use a photo by Yojiro Imasaka it were a musical score. Even before seeing the photo I more or less knew what to do. When I saw the photo I started thinking what can I do with it to implement my idea (kind of an analogue one).

First I flipped simply printed the picture. I decided to flip it 90 degrees left. I put a sheet of paper under the picture and started drawing lines in the place when dark elements of the photo meet with the white sky (kind of a border). I pressed the pencil very hard in order to get the marks on the page below. Than I draw the lines again on the blank page with a pencil and added some shades.

As you can see (the cloud picture) I treated the upper lines as a notation for the guitar chords. I just looked at the page and started playing (and improvising a bit) on the guitar starting with a simple E chord.

The bottom line resembles all the clicks and noises. The place where on the photo you can see the outside stairs I treated as a place for a noisy element of the song. So I drew a bigger shade, and in the song it is a place with a distortion.

This track treats a photo by Yojiro Imasaka as its score. More on Imasaka at