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This time there are not many live-acts which we could record. Either we didn’t have time, or the weather was not very good. There are several minutes recorded with the TASCAM tape-recorder but it takes time to digitize them.

But while we were sitting in the garden, next to the bonfire, after a traditional meal prepared at the bonfire, taking a rest we recorded some guitar sounds played by Grzegorz. Than when we were in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Greg recorded Zen Lu reading some Chinese poetry and the children playing in the backyard of the kindergarten. Than everything was mixed and here you are – a FREE track, ready to DOWNLOAD.

Zen Lu in the garden (behind the green leaves)

Zen Lu in the garden (behind the green leaves)

Grzegorz Bojanek playing guitar (in the garden, next to the bonfire)

Grzegorz Bojanek playing guitar (in the garden, next to the bonfire)


We had a nice show in Cafe Belg, in Częstochowa. The live event was called “Sounds of Tea”. Pan Ziliang prepared some Kung Fu Tea for the guests, Kenbo painted some nice pictures and Zen Lu and me played an improvised live-act.

Check the Zen Lu’s description of the event.

Pan Ziliang preparing Kung Fu Tea

Pan Ziliang preparing Kung Fu Tea

Kenbo - painting, Zen Lu + Grzegorz Bojanek = ChoP Project on stage

Kenbo – painting, Zen Lu + Grzegorz Bojanek = ChoP Project on stage


Another Disquiet Junto track:

First I thought that the disquiet0020-nodebeat wouldn’t be for me because I try not use “artificial” sounds in my music. But than, after running the desktop version of the app I thought – why not? Especially after reading that it will be possible to use another “traditional” instrument.

First I recorded 3 pieces on my recorder while I was playing NodeBeat with the mouse on the screen. Finally I decided to use only one track.

The traditional instrument I used is really a traditional one! It is a Chinese guzheng played by me personally (for the 1st time in my life) While we were on tour in China (October 2011) with my friends as a ChoP project, one of my friends really wanted to buy a mini-guzheng. We were trying to find one in Shanghai, than Nanjing and finally we found an amazing street in Beijing. I don’t know if such a street exists in other part of the planet. It is full of shops with all kinds of instruments – Chinese traditional, drums, guitars, trumpets, violins, chellos, etc. Each chop is different and when you think there won’t be another one with the instruments you are looking for you go 20 meters, or cross the street and there is another one, and another one… no end! So in one shop, when my friends were negotiating the price of the mini-guzheng, I found a big one standing in a quiet place, took out the recorder and played. I recorded several loops which I really like. Here is one of them. You can even hear the voices of my friends who negotiate the prices. (Actually the price was amazingly low!) And yes – that day remained in my mind :-)
Here you can see how we were buying mini-guzheng on the ChoP Blog
(you can’t see me in the photos from the shop cause I was taking them, I’m in the photo no 7, 10 and 12 from the concert)

So I combined those things in Ableton Live adding some seamless, granulated guzheng loops.

This track employs the app NodeBeat, created by Seth Sandler, Justin Windle, and Laurence Muller. More information on NodeBeat at

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:
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To create one of the tracks from “Remaining Sounds” I used this improvised live recording. You can download it and use in your recordings. Just let me know if you do it. I would like to listen to your tracks.

To record it I used only one old Chinese cymbal (probably 30 or 40 years old, made in Wuhan) + bow and Gleetchlab 3.0. I got this cymbal from my friend Zen Lu who used it quite a lot recently.  Than I found two loops I liked and used it in the new track.

I love drinking Green Tea. Especially when I compose. There is something in the Green Tea that makes me work harder on my projects. Nowadays I drink 2 or 3 teapots a day. My teapot was brought from Shenzhen in June 2009. I bought it in a small tea shop, hidden among huge skyscrapers. Thanks to my friend Zen Lu I can enjoy drinking Green Tea from a nice, traditional teapot. Zen also supplied me with a few packages of the tea. I still have a few left.

As I said, Green Tea is my inspiration, so now I’m going to prepare another teapot and start working on my last project called “Remaining Sounds“…