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We had a nice show in Cafe Belg, in Częstochowa. The live event was called “Sounds of Tea”. Pan Ziliang prepared some Kung Fu Tea for the guests, Kenbo painted some nice pictures and Zen Lu and me played an improvised live-act.

Check the Zen Lu’s description of the event.

Pan Ziliang preparing Kung Fu Tea

Pan Ziliang preparing Kung Fu Tea

Kenbo - painting, Zen Lu + Grzegorz Bojanek = ChoP Project on stage

Kenbo – painting, Zen Lu + Grzegorz Bojanek = ChoP Project on stage


W ostatnich dniach red. Łukasz Komła przeprowadził ze mną w ostatnich dniach duży wywiad dotyczący głównie ChoP Festival oraz moich chińskich doświadczeń. Wywiad ukazał się w 2 częściach na portalu

Część 1 | Część 2



Listen to the latest track by Er Dao and Piotr Michałowski – two members of the ChoP Project who will perform together during the upcoming ChoP Festival in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Er Dao & Piotr Michalowski on stage in Wuhan

Check out this amazing track which was recorded live during the Shanghai Electronic Music Week last year.

This year we will perform during the ChoP Festival in Shenzhen and Hong Kong!

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Eta Carinae – “Movement”

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After 3 years, ETALABEL proudly presents the 5th studio album of Polish and Chinese artists working as a part of the ChoP Project ( This time, Krzysztof Orluk [PL] and Bai Tian [CN] were invited by the founders of the ChoP Project, i.e. Grzegorz Bojanek and Zen Lu, to joint this transnational initiative.

This is a nice ambient / drone / field recording mixture created by two artists from two different regions and cultures.

If you purchase the album on BandCamp you will get a nice hand painted picture. CHECK THE ORIGINAL PICTURES!

Here is a very nice review of the latest album published by The review was written by Richard Allen – Thank you!

Krzysztof Orluk & Bai Tian ~ Structure Of.

It was a really nice live-act. No rehearsals!

So if you buy this track for only 0.94 PLN (€0.21 or $0.28) or more you will support ChoP and the ChoP Tour which starts soon.

This track is a part of the copilation: V/A “a sound guide to Warsaw” which has been published recently by SQRT label with the support of the Art and Technology Foundation.

This track contains a field recording from “Służew” (a district in Warsaw). I also used an electroacoustic guitar to record it. (You can listen to the vibration of the strings while the guitar was close to the amplifier).

Our ChoP Tour Campaign is still on. There are still several days left – please support us if you want. Even ONE dollar is great! But – you know – if we reach campaign goal, we will publish a pressed CD! And people who support us, will get it! Maybe even with YOUR name printed on the cover! You can also get other beautiful stuff – some postcards from China written in English and Chinese (NOT MANY PEOPLE get postcards from China nowadays!), or a special T-Shirt! (Check the campaign), or even an FM3 Buddha Machine.

The campaign in HERE.

And below is the history… All our tours | concert during 8th Shanghai Biennale | images…