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I contributed to an “ongoing and organically evolving compilation of drones all the same length.”

A great Canadian artist who I really like, Le Berger, started this compilation. All artists can contribute to it and it is an open project. As Le Berger says: “All benefits from digital sales will be used to set up shop and print limited runs of upcoming releases, help a brother out!“. I really like supporting such ideas!

My track is a processed Tibetan singing bowl I brought from China in 2011 – an nothing more.

Click HERE and read the details / listen to music.

It’s Not Boring. It’s Ambient is a double CD compilation of Ukrainian and Polish ambient artists released as a collaboration between Preserved Sound (Kraków) and AZH Promo (Kyiv). The idea for the compilation came in autumn 2011 when the guys at Preserved Sound talked about doing a compilation of Polish ambient artists. After contacting friends at AZH Promo in Kyiv it became clear that they had also been having the same ideas about releasing a compilation of Ukrainian ambient artists. Thus It’s Not Boring. It’s Ambient was born.

One of my tracks is also there! – “Paper Mistakes

Please download a new free sampler compilation from the Dynamophone records

Cast | No. 005

There you can find one track from my upcoming album “Remaining Sounds”
The title of the track is: “Broken Heroes Never Drink Cola”

Soon both labels: sqrt and WEFREC will publish a nice compilation called “a sound guide to Warsaw”. So far, so good. The first review published by Vital Weekly is very good. Please read it below:

Did I say I don’t like to review compilations? I must have. And sometimes I go all wrong, assuming the wrong things. Like here. I looked at the cover, reading about musicians and sound artists who ‘were asked to create a sound piece based upon and inspired by the field recordings made in Warsaw, Poland’, thinking it would be another one of those compilations with ‘soundscapes based upon field recordings’, lots of wind, crackle, streets-sound sort of things. That it is not, I can say, my assumptions were wrong. These field recordings lead up to a varied bunch of musical activities. Various of these lump in short actions into pieces of micro/glitch/ambient and even with dance like elements to it (like Bionulor, Seven Steven, Asdf, Krysztof Orluk, Michal Wolski) but also downright ambient with Kim_Nasung, Jarek Grzesica, Grzegorz Bojanek or Lukasz Ciszak. Odd balls are the jazzy instrumental piece by Noiko and the more noisy outings by Arszyn and Xlorite. Actually not many of the pieces seem to be dealing with just field recordings, so perhaps that’s the nicest thing about it: they all take it somewhere else. A pretty varied bunch, all of which sound alright, and nothing leaps out. (FdW)