After quite a long time I’m finally back (though don’t know for how long). I really wanted to take part in the project # 0055 but couldn’t find enough free time last week.

About the process. First I wanted to use the contact microphone, but I really wasn’t happy with the recording so I simply recorded it via the integral Zoom H4 microphones. I like using Ableton Sampler in such cases when there is almost no “musical” or “harmonical” element in the basic material. I put the clock recording into Sampler and used just a small piece, with the loop playing back and forth. I also added a nice Toraverb by D16 (actually my friends :-).  This was the basic soundscape which I later transformed in the Gleetchlab 3.0.

Finally I used the Gleetchlab transformed tracks + the original clock recording and created a final track in Ableton Live. I used some EQ to get the final effect.