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Here is your unique chance to get all our albums with a nice 20% Christmas Discount!

-20 % Christmas Sale on EVERYTHING in ETALABEL BandCamp Shop.

Password: “etachristmas” valid until 31.12.12

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Christmas Sale

And remember, some albums are totally FREE or “Name Your Price” (starting with $0.00) –
While downloading free stuff BandCamp usually asks for a ZIP CODE. Please enter any ZIP code of the city where you live, or a different one – It does not really matter.
Here is our FREE / Name Your Price stuff: | great dark ambient album | the first Chinese-Polish collaboration of the ChoP Project | a great album of a Chinese artist Zen Lu | remixes by the artists from all over the world | amazing trip into the past of the Polish national radio… | great EP by DigitalSimplyWorld with many good reviews so far

Here is a nice 50% discount for my previous album “Live in May

BandCamp password: “bojaneklive



From now on a huge SALE in ETALABEL SHOP.

All items (both DigiPacks and Downloads) 50% OFF until 31.07.2012.

Just enter the discount code: “etasale”

ChoP vol. 5 | Krzysztof Orluk & Bai Tian – “Structure Of” | 50% OFF (DigiPack & DL)
Noiko – “Honey” | 50% OFF (DigiPack | 10 copies remaining & DL)
Bionulor – “Bionulor” | 50% OFF (Limited CD-r  | 1 copy remaining & DL)
More (Krzysztof Orluk) – “End Of The Music” | 50% OFF (DL)
An On Bast – “Happy-Go-Lucky” | 50% OFF (DL)
RND – “Distracted” | 50% OFF (DL)
Eta Carinae – “Eta Carinae” | 50% OFF (DL)
Chmury – “Żywe” | 50% OFF (DL)

All other albums can be obtained FREE of charge (unless you want to support the label and help some great unknown artists!)
Just “NAME YOUR PRICE” starting with $0.00

Burma Project – “Syntestezja”
ChoP – “over a foul line / simple questions”
Zen Lu – “Ding”
Eta Carinae – “Dark Sky Remix Project”
Eta Carinae – “::3::”
Narzędzie – “RZ”
Eta Carinae – “Movement”

SALE - 50% OFF

Hello people. My new release will soon be available so now you can get my last album “Live in May” with a nice 55% discount. The release is available on BandCamp and if you want to purchase just enter the DISCOUNT PASSWORD: “livealbum” and you will get it much cheaper. This offer is valid until the next Saturday: 07.04.2012. All money goes to the new release on ETALABEL. And all people who buy “Live in May” now will also get a discount for the new ETALABEL DigiPack release!

Witam wszystkich. Niebawem pojawi się moja nowa płyta dlatego też mój ostatni album “Live in May” można dostać z 55% zniżką. Wystarczy przy zakupie na BandCamp wpisać hasło “livealbum” i otrzymać 55% zniżki. Oferta ważna do 07.04.2012. Wszystkie pieniądze idą na nowe wydawnictwo ETALABEL. Osoby, które zakupią “Live in May” otrzymają też zniżkę na nowy DigiPack w ETALABEL!