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I’ve just returned from my last bicycle trip this year. 20 km and a picture below… Yeah!
This year was amazing for me. Here are my results:

Walking = 142 km
Nordic Walking = 76,62 km
Running = 439 km
Bike = 3653 km

Właśnie wróciłem z ostatniej tegorocznej wycieczki rowerowej. 20 km i zdjęcie poniżej…
Ten rok był dla mnie rokiem szczególnym. Oto moje wyniki:

Chodzenie = 142 km
Nordic Walking = 76,62 km
Bieganie = 439 km
Rowerek = 3653 km

Last Day of 2012 in the forest

Last Day of 2012 in the forest

This is how we change the environment. Clear sky, no clouds. The only one was produced by humans!

Elektrownia Opole


I was waling today and I found a horrible view. You can see it at the photographs. This is the small railway station in my village and the place where the train usually stops. Usually this place is covered with high grass, but as you can see somebody burnt the grass. And thousands of bottles appeared. Nobody wants to collect them! Of course this is the ground which belongs to the the railway so the railway is responsible. But who really cares about the environment? As you can see – nobody!