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Do you remember this great release of ETALABEL?
Krzysztof Orluk & Bai Tian – “Strcture Of”

You can still get the DigiPack in our BandCamp shop or in Polish shop

A fragment of a Vital Weekly review of the album:
[…] Delicate late night music of carefully constructed hiss, cracks and long form glitchy sounds, field recordings inside a train station and which works fine on an early morning (the computer clock says 7:35 – no kidding). Each artist created four pieces, but its hard to see a difference between their individual approaches. There is not a single moment around here which I thought was radically different from what I already know, but everything is executed with the greatest care and love of the microscopic detail of sound. […]

All reviews can be found HERE

It’s great music for this part of the year – winter!

Here is a nice review of my latest album Remaining Sounds published by Igloo Magazine.

Active, organic ingredients merge and submerge themselves and new soundscapes—which include bass, clangs and flutter—are constantly shifting, almost invisibly around layers of dust and molten electrical fog.

Clicks, crackles, clips, found sounds, loose tonal activity, buzzing, petrified electro-acoustic, musique concrète, prepared and unprepared electronics, static hissing and warmth—this only begins to describe Etalabel operator Grzegorz Bojanek‘s Remaining Sounds. Tagged as a “collection of analog-experiments with breath, woodwinds, bass and microscopic found sounds;” Dynamophone were able to harness these subtle objects of audio extracts and enable them to meander in various directions. Active, organic ingredients merge and submerge themselves and new soundscapes—which include bass, clangs and flutter—are constantly shifting, almost invisibly around layers of dust and molten electrical fog. Migrating these experimental objects—as Dynamophone puts it—as well as keeping Remaining Sounds in a state of flux. The new old is an adequate description which highlights Grzegorz Bojanek’s skills as he delivers classic instrumentation morphed into a digitized landscape. All the while, an organic sheen is ever present throughout the compositions that are well worth sitting back to and absorbing.

This track is a single from the album “::3::”of my project Eta Carinae published by

As you know I run label called I have a mission in my label to support young and unknown musicians. It’s really hard job nowadays! I make a lot of effort to support them, publish their first albums, make promo around the net, draw attention of the reviewers and journalists, organise gigs, etc. And still some people illegally put the mp3s of our releases on rapidshare! I cannot understand why?

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Noiko – Honey is a debut album with ten instrumental electroacoustic lo-fi compositions created from various samples, sounds of a clarinet, guitar, drums, glockenspiel, piano and different electronic virtual instruments. The material consists of productions created within 4 years. The author recorded most of the sounds in his own house. Some productions were recorded with the help of Łukasz Maciejewski (turntable).

The inspiration to creating this kind of sounds was the birth of the artist’s daughter, who was usually nearby during the sound recording.

This album was carefully mastered by Krzysztof Orluk with his analogue equipment. One of them is the prototype tube saturator constructed by Andrzej Starzyk, a Polish engineer and designer of the recording studio gear. All analogue machines used during mastering process gave the album a unique warmth and unusual dynamics. Both of the above mentioned features are desirable especially nowadays in the century of the electronic music distribution.

After exactly 3 years of silence (the last album published in January 2009 was Bionulor), ETALABEL comes back with an amazing release “Honey” by an interesting Polish artist Noiko.

During all those years ETALABEL published albums by An On Bast, Burma Project, Krzysztof Orluk (aka More), Minoo, Bionulor and many others. ETALABEL published 17 physical albums (CD-rs) and one mp3 album (an album by Zen Lu – “Ding”).

Today, when most of the albums are unavailable they can be bought in a new online shop in many different formats, beginning with mp3 and ending with FLAC.


Soon a new (18th) album will be announced!