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Listen to the latest track by Er Dao and Piotr Michałowski – two members of the ChoP Project who will perform together during the upcoming ChoP Festival in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Er Dao & Piotr Michalowski on stage in Wuhan


Warsaw Electronic Festival is 10 years old. As I am one of the organizers, I am working nowadays to make things happen in June. All people who are involved in the project have a lot of things to do. I am sure, we will soon announce some events and stars who are coming this year to Warsaw. We want to show some artists from the history of WEF and some who are quite popular nowadays. Stay tunned.

X – WEF – The beginning.

I made this poster from the pictures taken during the last edition of WEF

ISAN in Zachęta National Gallery of Art – 2009