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Although my new album “Remaining Sounds” found the interesting label, it will be released in the early 2012. So we have to wait a few months for my new studio album. Still I haven’t released any music since 2008 so I think it is high time to publish a new album. It is a unique live act recorded during the “Sclerosis Mulitplex” WEF on Tour event in Częstochowa (07.05.2011). The title of the album is “Live in May”. It will be released next week by Mind Twisting Records.

Grzegorz Bojanek | Live in May

Here it is. I found this recording some time ago. This is my live-act which I played during the Summer Wave – Warsaw Electronic Festival, back in 2008. It was great to meet all the people I’d already known and the people from the WEF forum.

You can listen to the live recording on my soundcloud or simply here.