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I decided to run a bit more today. About 12 km. Part of my route was on a frozen lake. I met some guys catching fish on ice. Nice…

On Ice 1

On Ice – nice meeting with anglers

On Ice 2

On Ice – Frozen Lake

The summer here in Poland is awful this year, so I started looking for some music which makes summer last forever. Of course the first thing which came to my mind was Fennesz “Endless Summer”. I love this release. I stared looking for some good videos of songs from this CD. And I found this one. It is a cover, but it is brilliant! I love the moment when the guy starts making the famous “space dust” sound of Fennesz with his mouth (time 0:23). This cover can brighten every rainy day.

I would like to recommend this album by Christopher Willits – “Tiger Flower Circle Sun”. I think it’s a good idea to listen to it when it snows and it’s -20 degrees C outside. I listen to it sometimes, and I think it is one of my best albums this year. Hope you gonna like it, too.

I also ranked it 2nd on my list in the album of the year quiz.