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Hello, I haven’t written for a very long time. Probably there are not many people interested in the things I do here on wordpress, still, the blog exists, so I should update it with some info. Last year was quite productive. I played several concerts and started some fruitful collaborations. You will hear the results soon. The most important thing was the ChoP Festival 2016 in November, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ChoP Project. We had several awesome concerts in different venues in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I had a chance to play during the Festiwal Ambientalny in Wrocław and it was amazing, cause I had a chance to meet and have a chat with Rafael Anton Irisarri and Julianna Barwick. It was a great evening.

The future looks quite interesting. I have just finished a new album and I am working on some new ideas which will be published, soon.

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Here is a good one! My friend told me about this artist and now I remember that I’ve already heard about him. In fact he performed in Poland during the Unsound Festival in Kraków, back in 2008. I also took part in one of the events of the Unsound Festival 2008 – it was The Placard Headphone Festival.  Here is a very good album which was published by Room 40 – “The North Bend“. If you like repetitive loops, which can be described as classical ambient sounds, than this is something for you! Check also the whole bandcamp profile of Irisarri. The Live album is free!