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Chapel in Woźniki

Yesterday I started exploring places I’ve never been before. They are not far from the place I live, but they are on the other side of the big road (not a motorway), called DK1. Maybe because of the road people who live on the east side of DK1 rarely go to the west side.

Yesterday I travelled 32.04 km and today another 50.31 km. I think it is quite a good result! As you can see, Poland is full of chapels and churches. Most of them are Roman Catholic. Some of the small chapels are adorable, but sometimes the parsonage is even bigger than the church! (check the sideshow where you can see one orange building which is a place where the priest lives!).

Pilgrimage in Poland

What is more, during the summer, even if you choose some small byroads you can wait in a traffic jam! And why? Because during the summer, especially around the city of Częstochowa, there are pilgrimages! Sometimes the pilgrims walk 500 km (or more!) to see the picture of Black Madonna and pray in front of it! This is something you cannot see in the other countries!

Koziegłowy (Goats' Heads)

Today I also visited Koziegłowy (the name of the town can be translated as “Goats’ Heads”), a nice small town which looks great! Thanks to the local businessmen who mostly produce artificial Christmas Trees for the whole world (and of course pay taxes), and the money which came from the EU they rebuilt the market. It looks pretty awesome!

More photos here:

Beautiful Wooden Bridge

This month was quite good. Yesterday I covered the distance of 25 km and today in the morning another 45 km. I found a beautiful old wooden bridge (which you can see above). Today I saw the landfill of the city of Częstochowa. It’s huge (the photos are below). And I passed our old steelworks.

Here are my results in June 2012:
Bike: 432.04 km
Walking: 38.48 km
Nordic Walking: 30.77 km