Do you remember my post about an awesome project of Le Berger called 3m33s ?

The project is now finished and you can download and support Le Berger’s label for only $3.33.

BUT there is one more thing I want to tell you about!

Now you can get a more personalized version of the compilation of “3m33s” (compilation of drones) with your favourite tracks mixed together by a member of the collective (which will soon be revealed). This is still something we’re doing as part of the fundraising effort, digital mixes will retail at 6.66$ and physical copies (mini CDrs 3”) will be 9.99$ including shipping. Since that will require quite a bit of hands on work and every mix is personalized, mixed and mastered individually, etc. we are limiting this run at 33 copies digital, 33 copies physical. BE QUICK and GET YOUR COPY ASAP HERE!