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This is a big success for me. I managed to run HALF MARATHON today! This was my first time so I didn’t want to push too much. A experienced a small crisis. It happened around the 15th km. And later I had a constant, increasing pain in my left foot, so I slowed down a bit. But I finished it! My time: 2 h:20 min: 04 s.

I was running and my son was riding a bike – he was a big support for me. He gave me some isotonic drinks, and took photos, too.

This is the second time I played “Frozen Lake” live. This time with the young trumpet player Michał Kluba.

I started working on new material called “Frozen Lake” inspired by the lake which is near the place I live. I presented it for the first time during WEF.LIVE.LAB on 23.02.2013 in Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.

Here are some excerpts:

I decided to run a bit more today. About 12 km. Part of my route was on a frozen lake. I met some guys catching fish on ice. Nice…

On Ice 1

On Ice – nice meeting with anglers

On Ice 2

On Ice – Frozen Lake

I’ve just returned from my last bicycle trip this year. 20 km and a picture below… Yeah!
This year was amazing for me. Here are my results:

Walking = 142 km
Nordic Walking = 76,62 km
Running = 439 km
Bike = 3653 km

Właśnie wróciłem z ostatniej tegorocznej wycieczki rowerowej. 20 km i zdjęcie poniżej…
Ten rok był dla mnie rokiem szczególnym. Oto moje wyniki:

Chodzenie = 142 km
Nordic Walking = 76,62 km
Bieganie = 439 km
Rowerek = 3653 km

Last Day of 2012 in the forest

Last Day of 2012 in the forest


Autumn RoadThis was an amazing weekend in Poland. I decided to ride a bike because the weather was simply awesome. We usually have snow, or at least heavy rain in late October in Poland, but this weekend was unusual. About 20 degrees C all the time an no clouds! I had three major trainings, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I managed to cover the distance over 90 km! That was great!

Simply amazing weather!

This is how we change the environment. Clear sky, no clouds. The only one was produced by humans!

Elektrownia Opole


I got up early in the morning, at about 6:30 a.m. I usually cannot wait until very late Thursday, so I usually read the instructions on Friday morning. When I read the instructions for the 30th project I decided (just like probably many other artists) to use the field recording. I was lucky, because it was foggy outside and after the rain, and there was no wind. As I live in the countryside it is almost always very calm outside, especially in the morning. I just went to the garden and recorded the surroundings. Of course – the silence wasn’t pure.

First I played with the field recording in Gleetchlab 3.0 to get some nice randomness / granular effect. Than I used Ableton Live and used just 2 tracks. The whole thing starts with the track from the Gleetchlab and there is a transition to the second track where you can hear the pure field recording. The first Gleetchlab track has only 3 effects in Albeton Live, i.e. EQ Three, Ping Pong Delay and Reverb. The second, pure field recording track, has also 3 effects, i.e. EQ Eight, EQ Three and Reverb.

More details on the Disquiet Junto

This time the trip wasn’t very long. 21 km only. But I managed to take a nice picture of the man fishing alone…

Fishing Alone

This time it was 35.67 km with an average speed of 20.9 km/h and the top speed of 44.8 km/h. There was one place I simply couldn’t ride because of the sand and rocks. But the rest of the journey was quite nice. I started in the sun and ended in the rain (as usual). There was one place where I could see the nice ruins of the castle.

Castle in Olsztyn