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The album by Bojanek & Michalowski entitled “As Far As It Seems” is finally available @ BandCamp.

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The last year was quite good for me. In February, both Jarek Grzesica and I started thinking about Warsaw Electronic Festival 2010. We had a lot of work to do and many friends helped us to finish the project. In my humble opinion the festival was a success, but of course I am not very objective. We had two interesting stars from abroad, i.e. Tetsuya Hori from Japan and ISAN from UK.

Also in spring I received an unexpected e-mail from somebody who worked with Isaac Julien, British video artist and film director. I have to say I didn’t know Isaac’s works at all at that time. Soon it appeared that Isaac wanted to use part of the ChoP music in his latest project called “Ten Thousand Waves”, starring the legendary Chinese movie star Maggie Cheung (she starred in “Hero” with Jet Li). Julien’s nine screen video installation was shown in many galleries all over the world, including Sydney (Sydney Biennale, Australia), Shanghai (ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, China), Madrid (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain), Helsinki (Helsinki Festival, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland). In 2010, “Better Life”, an edited version of this installation, that includes some of ChoP’s music on its soundtrack, was warmly received by the audience of the 67th Venice Film Festival. Finally ChoP (Zen Lu and I) was invited to perform live at the grand opening of Isaac Julien’s “Better Life” during the 8th Shanghai Biennale 2010: Rehearsal. This was an amazing experience. After 2009 and our ChoP Tour in China,  I really wanted to go back to China. And my dream came true in October 2010. We had a really funny and great time in Shanghai. Check the whole journey here:

My last solo album was published by WePlayRec in 2008. So I had a lot of time to rethink my attitude towards creating sounds, composing music, understanding the process of creation. I managed to finish my solo projects, and started some interesting collaborations. I hope to publish all new music in 2011. The first one, called “Remaining Sounds” will be the first!

I think 2010 was a good year and I hope that the new one will be as good as the last one, or even better. Who knows…

Above China

Me, Tom Cullen (sound engineer), Isaac Julien, Zen Lu
(Shanghai Art Museum – 8th Shanghai Biennale)