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I remember the times when I thought that the only tool which is necessary to compose music is a laptop. I decided to buy a MacBook (and of course it was a good decision – no regrets). But when the HDD crashed, and I took all tools I collected in the recent years, and I started composing without a laptop I felt the same excitement as when I started playing the guitar back in the high school.

I started experimenting with the tape loops. It’s so interesting to get the results without a simple software which allows to get them with just a few clicks. Yesterday I recorded a few chords on the Kaoss Pad 3. Than I resampled them with the internal effects of the KP3. Finally I had a nice loop which I recorded on the tape. Next I cut the tape and made a long loop (see the pictures). You can listen to the loop which was finally recorded on TASCAM.

Nice change in the times of all-powerful computers.