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I am very happy to announce that my latest album entitled “Analogue” was published by an awesome boutique Australian label Twice Removed. The album was recorded in 2011 when I did not have a laptop. In order to record all ideas and the whole album I used the 4-track TASCAM taperecorder. It was a challenging experience full of constraints. I played all different guitars, kitchen utensils, I used contact microphones sticked to paper and all other possible things which surrounded me. I also cut the tape and glued it to make long loops on a reel-to-reel recorder. I hope you gonna like the music. Here it is:

Here is my new LIVE album. I haven’t published any new music for a long time (since 2008), so I thought it would be good to release a live-act. It was mastered by Krzysztof Orluk with his analogue toys so I hope you gonna like the sound. The album was recorded during the charity concert “Sclerosis Multiplex – WEF on TOUR for Przemek Ciszek”

The full album download contains extra visual and audio materials!
There you will find credits and the full album story. ENJOY

The album was published by Mind Twisting Records.

In 1972 a group of students from Boston decided to push the old piano from the top of the building. This was a starting point for the Montreal artist Tim Hecker. He recorded most of the album in on an old church organ in Reykjavík. The album is full of sounds typical for Tim, but still very nicely layered. A good one!

Tim’s web page
Here you can buy the album

Niepublikowany jak dotąd utwór projektu ChoP znalazł się na składance australijskiego portalu | INFO in English below…

Utwór można znaleźć na składance Explorations in Sound, Vol. 4 The Sound of Live Performance – Various Artists, której kuratorem jest prowadzący portal, Roger Mills.

Wspomniany utwór to “Liangcha Shop Shenzhen 2009” by ChoP, w składzie Zen Lu i Grzegorz Bojanek.

Składanka dokumentuje wszelkie aktywności rejestrowane “na żywo”, ze wszystkimi błędami, usterkami dźwiękowymi, trzaskami, szumami, i całą gamą niedoskonałości, które mogą się przytrafić podczas koncertów.

Zapraszamy na portal:

FULL RESLEASE + PDF | Cała płyta wraz + PDF z okładką:
ZIP + okładka PDF

SINGLE TRACKS | Poszczególne utwory znajdują się tutaj:
lista utworów + szczegółowy opis każdego utworu z kompilacji

Oto szczegóły projektu w j. angielskim:

The live sound and music performance is like no other medium for expression and unpredictability, frequently yielding interesting sonic results, both on, and off stage. Sound checks, sound failures, the misassigned patch, unintended playing outcomes, FX overloads, calibrations and pinnacles of performative exploration can all create sources for eclectic new material.

In this 4th edition of Explorations in Sound, Furthernoise editor and curator Roger Mills, has assembled a voluminous compilation of artists works based on the serendipitous outcomes of live performance. This includes raw audio of tuning up, happy accidents, sound check experiments, improvisations, studio out takes, or any other means in which new source material was generated by performative chance. The fact that the compilation is so large and varied, represents the enormity of performative scenarios and experiences, that performers have when things don’t quite go according to plan. Some of the results have already been recognised for their inherent originality and have become source material for new works by the artists, and it is this idea that is the inspiration for the curatorial theme. As John Cage wrote about his aleatory composition Imaginary Landscape No. 4 “A ›mistake‹ is beside the point, for once anything happens it authentically is.” – John Cage (1951).