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I’ve just returned from my last bicycle trip this year. 20 km and a picture below… Yeah!
This year was amazing for me. Here are my results:

Walking = 142 km
Nordic Walking = 76,62 km
Running = 439 km
Bike = 3653 km

Właśnie wróciłem z ostatniej tegorocznej wycieczki rowerowej. 20 km i zdjęcie poniżej…
Ten rok był dla mnie rokiem szczególnym. Oto moje wyniki:

Chodzenie = 142 km
Nordic Walking = 76,62 km
Bieganie = 439 km
Rowerek = 3653 km

Last Day of 2012 in the forest

Last Day of 2012 in the forest

Nordic Walking - StartI decided to take part in the Nordic Walking competition which took place not far away from my village. There were over 120 participants. The route wasn’t long – just 4.75 km and I managed to cover the distance in 37 m: 47 s. This was one of my best results ever but I couldn’t compete with the people who train Nordic Walking in some local clubs. What is more, the last time I was walking with the sticks was in June and than I started riding a bike (now over 1500 km in July and August). After the distance I wasn’t tired, cause I am rather fit, but the right muscles didn’t know how to work properly. (laughing). Maybe next time will be better. I have to train more!

Nordic Walking - Winners!

Beautiful Wooden Bridge

This month was quite good. Yesterday I covered the distance of 25 km and today in the morning another 45 km. I found a beautiful old wooden bridge (which you can see above). Today I saw the landfill of the city of Częstochowa. It’s huge (the photos are below). And I passed our old steelworks.

Here are my results in June 2012:
Bike: 432.04 km
Walking: 38.48 km
Nordic Walking: 30.77 km