I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to participate this week, but I managed! I didn’t have time to record my part from scratch, so I decided to use an excerpt from one track which I recorded during my session without laptop when I experienced a Hard Drive crash. I recorded several tracks using only different stuff and my old 4-track Tascam recorder.

Here are the photos from that session.

In this excerpt which is now part of this disquiet junto submission you can listen to me playing the guitar, an old Chinese cymbal from Wuhan which I played using a bow, some glockenspiel, and a piece of paper with a contact microphone glued to it.

I wanted it to be short (between 2 and 3 min.) and I wanted my part not to be too aggressive. You have to assess if I managed. Still, Disquiet Junto is all about being able to fail without consequences, so I hope you gonna like it in the end.

The source audio for this track is part three of the Kenneth Kirschner album June 5, 2012, which features Kirschner on piano and Tawnya Popoff on viola. The album was released in September 2012 on the shskh.com netlabel, where it is available for free download.

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