First of all I wanted to find a “musical element” in the running water. It doesn’t mean that I think that e.g. a stream doesn’t have a musical potential. But I wanted to get something more. I made my “running water” experiment in my workshop where I sometimes build things, so it’s a rather messy place.

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I found a rather long PVC pipe. First I glued a contact microphone to it, but I wasn’t really happy with the results. Than I placed the ZOOM H4 recorder at the top of the pipe and started pouring water down the pipe. First the bottom was sealed with the Styrofoam and later the water was landing on the metal bowl. Than I was happy with the results cause the pipe work kind of a natural resonator (resembling a bit resonator effects in Ableton Live).

What is more. first I wanted to upload just the field recording, cause it was quite nice itself. Later I played with it a bit a made a soundscape using just the sounds recorded in the workshop. But still, most of the sounds were unchanged (except from a bit of EQ). I also looped things a bit.

I uploaded the original field recording. You can download it and use it. It’s CC licence.

More details on the Disquiet Junto