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I’m proud to tell you about my new release for a small but awesome boutique label from USA called Twin Springs Tapes. The album is called “Warm Winter Music” and pre-order will soon be available. Be careful. This will be a C-40 cassette release, and very limited one! Only 25 copies! So grab one ASAP! :-)

Here are the excerpts:

I really like the friendly morning atmosphere at the Polish marketplace. Sometimes I have to go there to buy some vegetables. You can also buy other things there like e.g. clothes, kitchen utensils. But fruit & vegetables are the most important.






This time there are not many live-acts which we could record. Either we didn’t have time, or the weather was not very good. There are several minutes recorded with the TASCAM tape-recorder but it takes time to digitize them.

But while we were sitting in the garden, next to the bonfire, after a traditional meal prepared at the bonfire, taking a rest we recorded some guitar sounds played by Grzegorz. Than when we were in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Greg recorded Zen Lu reading some Chinese poetry and the children playing in the backyard of the kindergarten. Than everything was mixed and here you are – a FREE track, ready to DOWNLOAD.

Zen Lu in the garden (behind the green leaves)

Zen Lu in the garden (behind the green leaves)

Grzegorz Bojanek playing guitar (in the garden, next to the bonfire)

Grzegorz Bojanek playing guitar (in the garden, next to the bonfire)



Autumn RoadThis was an amazing weekend in Poland. I decided to ride a bike because the weather was simply awesome. We usually have snow, or at least heavy rain in late October in Poland, but this weekend was unusual. About 20 degrees C all the time an no clouds! I had three major trainings, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I managed to cover the distance over 90 km! That was great!

Simply amazing weather!

River Mill

During my last bike trip (over 52 km) I found a small building on the river Warta. It appeared to be an old river mill. I really like taking photos of the old building used for technical purposes. This one was really nice.

Today is a big day for me. Another 50 km in the morning but when I added that 50 km to the Endomondo contest which started on 30.06 it made 1026.33 km! That is a big success for me, because I’ve never imagined I could do it!

old waiting room

The railway infrastructure in Poland fails into decay. This is one of the examples: the building of the waiting room in a village of Żarki Letnisko. It is closed and I think they will finally decide to demolish the small building. Now the trains are modern and comfortable and you can buy the ticket on the train, so there is no need to keep those buildings which make the history of Polish railway system.

Infrastruktura kolejowa w Polsce popada w ruinę. Oto przykład: stary budynek poczekalni w miejscowości Żarki Letnisko. Został zamknięty kilka lat temu i myślę, że w końcu zdecydują się go zlikwidować. Obecnie mamy nowoczesne i komfortowe pociągi i pojawiła się możliwość zakupu biletu właśnie w pociągu więc nie ma potrzeby utrzymywania tych budynków, które tworzą historię kolejnictwa w Polsce.


I also met the stork. It was looking for food and was close to the road, but run away when I was preparing out the camera.

Spotkałem dzisiaj bociana. Szukał sobie jedzenia w pobliżu drogi, jednak zdążył uciec dalej kiedy przygotowywałem aparat.

half of the old house

This is a nice result. Over 500 km in only 12 days. I’ve never thought I’d manage!

Here are the pictures I took a few days ago. Most of them show old houses. Some of the houses are about 100 years old! I was talking to a man – I think this was the owner of the old house, but he was building a new one just behind the old one – and he told me that the house was over 90 years old and half of the house had collapsed a few years ago.

One of the photos below shows the blue building. It is a Sports Club “Eagle” – It is above the shop where they sell a lot of alcohol! A nice one!

To na prawdę niezły wynik. Ponad 500 km tylko w ciągu 12 dni. Nigdy nie myślałem, że może mi się to udać. Poniżej zdjęcia, które zrobiłem w ciągu ostatnich dni. Na większości widać stare domy. Niektóre z nich mają ponad 100 lat. Rozmawiałem (prawdopodobnie) z właścicielem placu, na którym był dom, który był w połowie zawalony. Ten dom ma ponad 90 lat! Na jednym ze zdjęć widać niebieski budynek kubu sportowego. Poniżej sprzedają sporo alkoholu ;-)

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Chapel in Woźniki

Yesterday I started exploring places I’ve never been before. They are not far from the place I live, but they are on the other side of the big road (not a motorway), called DK1. Maybe because of the road people who live on the east side of DK1 rarely go to the west side.

Yesterday I travelled 32.04 km and today another 50.31 km. I think it is quite a good result! As you can see, Poland is full of chapels and churches. Most of them are Roman Catholic. Some of the small chapels are adorable, but sometimes the parsonage is even bigger than the church! (check the sideshow where you can see one orange building which is a place where the priest lives!).

Pilgrimage in Poland

What is more, during the summer, even if you choose some small byroads you can wait in a traffic jam! And why? Because during the summer, especially around the city of Częstochowa, there are pilgrimages! Sometimes the pilgrims walk 500 km (or more!) to see the picture of Black Madonna and pray in front of it! This is something you cannot see in the other countries!

Koziegłowy (Goats' Heads)

Today I also visited Koziegłowy (the name of the town can be translated as “Goats’ Heads”), a nice small town which looks great! Thanks to the local businessmen who mostly produce artificial Christmas Trees for the whole world (and of course pay taxes), and the money which came from the EU they rebuilt the market. It looks pretty awesome!

More photos here:

After 3 years, ETALABEL proudly presents the 5th studio album of Polish and Chinese artists working as a part of the ChoP Project ( This time, Krzysztof Orluk [PL] and Bai Tian [CN] were invited by the founders of the ChoP Project, i.e. Grzegorz Bojanek and Zen Lu, to joint this transnational initiative.

This is a nice ambient / drone / field recording mixture created by two artists from two different regions and cultures.

If you purchase the album on BandCamp you will get a nice hand painted picture. CHECK THE ORIGINAL PICTURES!

Here is a very nice review of the latest album published by The review was written by Richard Allen – Thank you!

Krzysztof Orluk & Bai Tian ~ Structure Of.