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Here are the links to the four new reviews of my album “Remaining Sounds”

Only Good Music [PL]
Indie Rock Mag [FR]
Avant Music News [ENG]
Deuss Ex Machina [Turkish]

Stephen Fruitman reviews my album

AMN Reviews: Grzegorz Bojanek – Remaining Sounds (Dynamophone Records).

Here is a nice review of my latest album Remaining Sounds published by Igloo Magazine.

Active, organic ingredients merge and submerge themselves and new soundscapes—which include bass, clangs and flutter—are constantly shifting, almost invisibly around layers of dust and molten electrical fog.

Clicks, crackles, clips, found sounds, loose tonal activity, buzzing, petrified electro-acoustic, musique concrète, prepared and unprepared electronics, static hissing and warmth—this only begins to describe Etalabel operator Grzegorz Bojanek‘s Remaining Sounds. Tagged as a “collection of analog-experiments with breath, woodwinds, bass and microscopic found sounds;” Dynamophone were able to harness these subtle objects of audio extracts and enable them to meander in various directions. Active, organic ingredients merge and submerge themselves and new soundscapes—which include bass, clangs and flutter—are constantly shifting, almost invisibly around layers of dust and molten electrical fog. Migrating these experimental objects—as Dynamophone puts it—as well as keeping Remaining Sounds in a state of flux. The new old is an adequate description which highlights Grzegorz Bojanek’s skills as he delivers classic instrumentation morphed into a digitized landscape. All the while, an organic sheen is ever present throughout the compositions that are well worth sitting back to and absorbing.

I had some time today and I updated the page which contains all (or almost all) information about my last album “Remaining Sounds” published by a California based label

You can find all important information HERE. Scroll down to get the latest info!

Grzegorz Bojanek ~ Remaining Sounds


Now you can read a very nice review of my album entitled “Remaining Sounds”, released by

The review was written by Richard Allen from A Closer Listen.

Review: Grzegorz Bojanek ~ Remaining Sounds.

Grzegorz Bojanek - Remainng Sounds

Finally my new album is here. You can buy the special edition of the “Remaining Sounds” CD with a set of nice postcards + the mp3 download.  The album was published by the California based label

You can listen to the album here and buy the BandCamp download, too.

My new album “Remaining Sounds” is already available on BandCamp (the Download version, we are still waiting for the physical goods!).

Here is a video I made for the track called “Remaining Motionless“. The clips were recorded in January 2011 and I wanted to use them for a different track, but now I think they fit amazingly well here!

While preparing “Remaining Sounds” I composed some tracks which I finally decided not to add to the album play-list. So here it is the first one. It is called “Bckgrnd“. It was composed using the method I described earlier. Than everything was recorded on tape and after that it returned to the computer. While recording I touched the reels to slow things down, and you can hear it clearly at the beginning and the end of the track. I think this track can be classified as a pure ambient sound.

You can download this track and use it in your compositions, but please let me know if you do it.

Oto odrzut z sesji “Remaining Sounds”. Jest to jeden z pierwszych utworów, który powstał na ten album. Track można pobrać i użyć w swoich kompozycjach, ale proszę o kontakt jeśli zostanie użyty. Chciałbym usłyszeć to co stworzycie.

The process of mastering will be finished soon. I am preparing not only music, but also some videos. When the mastering is finished I will add mastered music to the first video.

I still haven’t chosen the titles of the tracks. Below you can see the photo of the page I use to note my ideas. You can read the unofficial titles of the tracks which I used while creating them. They even suggest how the tracks were created and which instruments I used. There is also a list of the titles I want to use. Still, I haven’t decided yet. You can also see some traces of the green tea I drunk while composing. There is also one suggestion how the album will be released. Try to find it! If there are things you don’t understand, please let me know, I’ll try to explain.

Click HERE to see the BIG version which can be magnified.

To create one of the tracks from “Remaining Sounds” I used this improvised live recording. You can download it and use in your recordings. Just let me know if you do it. I would like to listen to your tracks.

To record it I used only one old Chinese cymbal (probably 30 or 40 years old, made in Wuhan) + bow and Gleetchlab 3.0. I got this cymbal from my friend Zen Lu who used it quite a lot recently.  Than I found two loops I liked and used it in the new track.