I’m not sure if I managed to reach the goal I wanted to reach. But I had a crazy weekend and decided to upload the version of the track I’ve managed to produce so far. I hope it’s good enough and I haven’t failed. It’s up to you to assess the whole thing :-)

I used 4 items from the temporary dust bin (I put most of the stuff there and after that I sort things and put them into the big containers you can see in the track photo): a bottle (from a small Polish brewery), a can, a plastic bag and yoghurt container. I tried to make the sounds recognisable, but sometimes (especially in the case of the can and yoghurt container), you really have to listen carefully (especially in the second part of the track). The whole track has the background which is a plastic bag recorded with a contact microphone which was glued to it (I call it improvised background). The bottle sounds are obvious.

[Update: Thanks for the comments. Man people hear “the sea and the horns of the ships”. This is awesome! If anybody likes to make a video, please contact me ASAP!]

More details: Disquiet Junto