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The winter of 2013 / 2014 was very strange. The USA had terrible frost and huge snowfall, whereas the winter in Europe where I live was extraordinarily warm. We had only two weeks in January with the temperature below zero degrees Celsius and almost no snow. In order to remember this warm winter I felt like recording some warm sounds. Here they are. Enjoy them and remember to save your energy.


Finally there is snow. Maybe this will change my mood. I really like composing during the snowy days and nights.

This is crazy! And please don’t tell me that there are no climate changes… Last year we had the worst flood of the 21st century in Poland. This year the whole country is covered in… SNOW. What do YOU think about it?

Szaleństwo. Tego dawno już nie było… A jeszcze pamiętam moją rozmowę na temat zmian klimatycznych z pewnym człowiekiem… no ja wiem, zima w maju się zdarza, ale ostatnio anomalia pogodowe są jakby częstsze. Co o tym sądzicie?