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My new album is called “Stories of an Old Man”. It is a bit different than other music I created. The tracks on this album were created as the audio background for an audiobook. That audiobook contains stories about my hometown. As the stories are pretty dark (full of murders, breakouts, explosions, arrests by communist regime), the music is sometimes dark and disturbing, too. The mucis on “Stories of an Old Man” are reworked versions and they are a bit darker, full of ambient, experimental sounds and even some techno pulses.

Also it is worth mentioning that the album was mastered by Michał Wolski, so you can be sure that there will be many beautifull noises and tape hiss! ENJOY.

If you like streaming services like Spotify, you can listen to my music there, too (also Deezer or Wimp). My last “Boundless” EP can be found there.


You can also get it on iTunes – just click HERE

Remember that you can still get the physical copy – HERE

Here is my shoegaze EP entitled “Distortion Destroyed”…

The idea behind this album is pretty similar to one Vulfpeck had when they published “Sleepify”. They simply wanted to fight with the system – when Spotify pays about $0.006 for one listen, let’s make an album with silence, short tracks and ask our fans to listen to it. The finally got $20.000!

My EP does not contain silence. Tracks are short, but not THAT short. Still, the more you listen, the more I get of those $0.006 :-)

Thank you!