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I started working on new material called “Frozen Lake” inspired by the lake which is near the place I live. I presented it for the first time during WEF.LIVE.LAB on 23.02.2013 in Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.

Here are some excerpts:

… and you can get it NOW! This amazing compilation is now available. I really like tracks by noiko, Kim_Nasung, Bionulor, Krzysztof Orluk and Lukasz Ciszak.

You can buy the whole album HERE.

You can listen to my track below…

Soon both labels: sqrt and WEFREC will publish a nice compilation called “a sound guide to Warsaw”. So far, so good. The first review published by Vital Weekly is very good. Please read it below:

Did I say I don’t like to review compilations? I must have. And sometimes I go all wrong, assuming the wrong things. Like here. I looked at the cover, reading about musicians and sound artists who ‘were asked to create a sound piece based upon and inspired by the field recordings made in Warsaw, Poland’, thinking it would be another one of those compilations with ‘soundscapes based upon field recordings’, lots of wind, crackle, streets-sound sort of things. That it is not, I can say, my assumptions were wrong. These field recordings lead up to a varied bunch of musical activities. Various of these lump in short actions into pieces of micro/glitch/ambient and even with dance like elements to it (like Bionulor, Seven Steven, Asdf, Krysztof Orluk, Michal Wolski) but also downright ambient with Kim_Nasung, Jarek Grzesica, Grzegorz Bojanek or Lukasz Ciszak. Odd balls are the jazzy instrumental piece by Noiko and the more noisy outings by Arszyn and Xlorite. Actually not many of the pieces seem to be dealing with just field recordings, so perhaps that’s the nicest thing about it: they all take it somewhere else. A pretty varied bunch, all of which sound alright, and nothing leaps out. (FdW)

Koncert debiutów Warsaw Electrnic Festival.

Klubowa odsłona Warsaw Electronic Festival. Będziemy świętować 10 urodziny WEF i 26 urodziny jednego z reprezentantów sceny WEF: Xlorite’a. Tego wieczoru w klubie Mandala usłyszycie zarówno występy live act jak i sety djskie w estetyce elektronicznej.

Zagrają: Xlorite (move.improve live), Stendek (live), Skate Moss, Seven Steven, Malim, Ktbnsoe, Jesus Boy (Bohomass Lab)

VJs: Dodo, Pigs In Space, Guests

Miejsce: Klub Mandala | Emilii Plater 9/11 | Warszawa
data: 10.06.2011 (piątek)
godzina: 21:00
wejście: FREE

Warsaw Electronic Festival is 10 years old. As I am one of the organizers, I am working nowadays to make things happen in June. All people who are involved in the project have a lot of things to do. I am sure, we will soon announce some events and stars who are coming this year to Warsaw. We want to show some artists from the history of WEF and some who are quite popular nowadays. Stay tunned.

X – WEF – The beginning.

I made this poster from the pictures taken during the last edition of WEF

ISAN in Zachęta National Gallery of Art – 2009

Już niebawem nakładem SQRT – labelu Łukasza Ciszaka, we współpracy z Warsaw Electronic Festival, ma ukazać się składanka “a sound guide to Warsaw” zawierająca 13 kompozycji stworzonych na bazie nagrań terenowych z różnych miejsc Warszawy oraz instrumentów nie-elektronicznych. Będzie tam również mój utwór.

Myśląc o kompilacjach chciałbym polecić kompilację One Small Step, wydaną przez WEFREC, na której również znajdował się jeden z moich utworów. Cała składanka jest nagrana w 99% procentach w oparciu o transmisję radiową z Apollo 11.

Poniżej video Marii Kraśnickiej do mojego utworu “CSM Columbia”

Miło było też spotkać się z astronautami NASA, z misji STS-130 oraz generałem Mirosławem Hermaszewskim, w rezydencji ambasadora USA, Lee Einsteina, i wręczyć im nasze dzieło.

Here it is. I found this recording some time ago. This is my live-act which I played during the Summer Wave – Warsaw Electronic Festival, back in 2008. It was great to meet all the people I’d already known and the people from the WEF forum.

You can listen to the live recording on my soundcloud or simply here.