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I am very happy to announce that my latest album entitled “Analogue” was published by an awesome boutique Australian label Twice Removed. The album was recorded in 2011 when I did not have a laptop. In order to record all ideas and the whole album I used the 4-track TASCAM taperecorder. It was a challenging experience full of constraints. I played all different guitars, kitchen utensils, I used contact microphones sticked to paper and all other possible things which surrounded me. I also cut the tape and glued it to make long loops on a reel-to-reel recorder. I hope you gonna like the music. Here it is:


Autumn RoadThis was an amazing weekend in Poland. I decided to ride a bike because the weather was simply awesome. We usually have snow, or at least heavy rain in late October in Poland, but this weekend was unusual. About 20 degrees C all the time an no clouds! I had three major trainings, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I managed to cover the distance over 90 km! That was great!

Simply amazing weather!

Another Disquiet Junto project:

When I saw the instructions my first thought was “No, not this time.” But than I started thinking if I have some field recordings I could use in order not to use the ones provided. (I really like working on my own stuff). When I found the sounds in my library of field recordings I thought of a nice one my friend recorded in winter (info below).

Than I started thinking that it may be boring to work only with field recordings. I thought that to create the background I will use all field recordings in the same time but strongly transformed. And when I started transforming the background I spend over two hours just listening to the noises, hisses, drones I was doing and that process told me that I have to finish this assignment. I recorded many backgrounds and I even thought that they may be useful in my other projects. It was a great experience. So you can hear the hissing background almost from the beginning and than something deeper fades in. The backgrounds contain only 4 field recordings I used.

Than I started with the natural sounds. The first field recording representing spring are the birds recorded just outside my house. There is a desire to use the field recording just as it is, without making any breaks. But I thought that I will cut the initial bird field recording into some short loops which fade out. Just to make it different.

The second fields recording is summer in the Liang Garden, Foshan (China). I recorded the sounds of the noisy bird during our ChoP China Tour in 2009. If you’ve ever been to such a place, it is amazing to hear that nosiy animals – they produce a constant white noise :-)

The third field recoding is my small railway station. I just drove to pick up my wife who was coming home. It was a rainy day. You can hear the window of the car opening during the field recording. There is also a woman walking an of course the rain.

I couldn’t do the whole track without the recording of the breaking ice because it is so beautiful! I simply didn’t want to destroy the atmosphere of the recording. Here I used a field recording by my friend Jarek Grzesica, curator of the Warsaw Electronic Festival, who is also an artist and has a project is called Gold Plated Face ( He allowed me to use his recording he did on the Zegrze lake. These are the sounds of the ice breaking in winter.

Still there is no snow… It’s the 1st of January 2012 and we still have autumn outside…
(all photos taken with my mobile phone)