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This time there are not many live-acts which we could record. Either we didn’t have time, or the weather was not very good. There are several minutes recorded with the TASCAM tape-recorder but it takes time to digitize them.

But while we were sitting in the garden, next to the bonfire, after a traditional meal prepared at the bonfire, taking a rest we recorded some guitar sounds played by Grzegorz. Than when we were in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Greg recorded Zen Lu reading some Chinese poetry and the children playing in the backyard of the kindergarten. Than everything was mixed and here you are – a FREE track, ready to DOWNLOAD.

Zen Lu in the garden (behind the green leaves)

Zen Lu in the garden (behind the green leaves)

Grzegorz Bojanek playing guitar (in the garden, next to the bonfire)

Grzegorz Bojanek playing guitar (in the garden, next to the bonfire)


I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to participate this week, but I managed! I didn’t have time to record my part from scratch, so I decided to use an excerpt from one track which I recorded during my session without laptop when I experienced a Hard Drive crash. I recorded several tracks using only different stuff and my old 4-track Tascam recorder.

Here are the photos from that session.

In this excerpt which is now part of this disquiet junto submission you can listen to me playing the guitar, an old Chinese cymbal from Wuhan which I played using a bow, some glockenspiel, and a piece of paper with a contact microphone glued to it.

I wanted it to be short (between 2 and 3 min.) and I wanted my part not to be too aggressive. You have to assess if I managed. Still, Disquiet Junto is all about being able to fail without consequences, so I hope you gonna like it in the end.

The source audio for this track is part three of the Kenneth Kirschner album June 5, 2012, which features Kirschner on piano and Tawnya Popoff on viola. The album was released in September 2012 on the netlabel, where it is available for free download.

More on this 40th Disquiet Junto project at:

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This way of recording, composing and sound design have made me really happy recently. I was very lazy using the usual tool, i.e. a laptop. Now when I only have a looper in KP3 and a 4-track TASCAM I have to be more creative in order to achieve the proper results. It’s like going back in time. All new tools are great and I love them but without the limits of old gear your creativity dies somewhere in the process of composing. In fact I am glad that my old HDD died and I found this old TASCAM in the basement.

I had a Hard Drive crash on my MacBook. I’ve already bought a new one, but I am waiting for the Snow Leopard to come.

Still, I decided not to cry for a very long time. I unpacked my old analogue stuff and started recording with my TASCAM 4-track tape recorder. I use KP3 as a looper and effect processor. I also use some analogue BOSS pedals and other strange instruments. One of them is a sheet of paper with a contact microphone. Please check the photos :-) Please come back to listen to the sounds (soon)…