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I am writing this message to ask you for a little support. But first of all I have to explain WHY am I doing this. In a month I am flying with a group of Polish artists to China, to perform during the ChoP Festival in several venues, in Shenzhen. As I have bad experience with the airlines which once lost my luggage I take all my musical gear into the hand luggage. As you can imagine I cannot take everything with me cause I have to minimise almost every part of my necessary equipment. I am using a guitar a lot but I cannot take all my pedals with me. So I found a great solution.

I want to buy the Line 6 Sonic Port

The cheapest Sonic Port in my country (Poland) is 375 PLN which is about 90 EUR or 120 USD.

That is why I decided to set the prices of all my digital releases to Name Your Price (starting with $0.00) and ask you for a little help. Please support one or more of my releases and help me purchase the Sonic Port which will be an awesome addition to my mobile live setup. The decision is yours.

(Here you can find some reviews of my latest albums: reviews / more reviews)

And here are the releases:

Grzegorz Bojanek – “Constraints”
Grzegorz Bojanek – “Remaining Sounds”
Grzegorz Bojanek – “Live in May”
ChoP v.1 – Grzegorz Bojanek & Zen Lu
Eta Carinae – “Home”
Eta Carinae – “::3::”
Eta Carinae – “Movement…”
Eta Carinae – “Eta Carinae”

Thank you and enjoy the music.

My album “Live in May” was actually the first one I signed with my own name and surname. It was published as a FREE release by MindTwistingRecords and than many people downloaded the release. It was 2 years ago.

Some of my friends told me that now, after those 2 years, they would like to get the album in a physical form. Therefore I started thinking of making a limited run of CDrs in a nice hand-painted recycled cardboard package! Apart from a CD with the bonus track, the package will include the original hand-numbered square cover photo + some extras.

You can support the idea and BUY the digital album. If you buy it now, you will get a nice discount for the limited physical package.

4 PLN (or more) = about $1.50 (or more) = about 1 EUR (or more)


CLICK HERE to buy the digital version and support the idea.

Photos - Live in May

Big square Photos – DEVELOPED !!

Typed texts

All inserts will be written on a typewriter and special paper!

Covers - Live in May

Recycled paper covers!

First inserts ready!

First inserts ready!

Writing with small stamps… a lot of work!

CDs are here!

This track is a single from the album “::3::”of my project Eta Carinae published by

As you know I run label called I have a mission in my label to support young and unknown musicians. It’s really hard job nowadays! I make a lot of effort to support them, publish their first albums, make promo around the net, draw attention of the reviewers and journalists, organise gigs, etc. And still some people illegally put the mp3s of our releases on rapidshare! I cannot understand why?

Please consider buying the album “Movement…” and / or “::3::” by my project Eta Carinae and HELPING THE LABEL EXIST.

It’s up to you how much you would be willing to pay |
Just “Name Your Price“.

Or if you want to get the album, just get it from the label, not some illegal sources!

All of the supporters will later get a special discount for the next DigiPack ETALABEL release which will be a nice Polish-Chinese collaboration!

So if you buy this track for only 0.94 PLN (€0.21 or $0.28) or more you will support ChoP and the ChoP Tour which starts soon.

This track is a part of the copilation: V/A “a sound guide to Warsaw” which has been published recently by SQRT label with the support of the Art and Technology Foundation.

This track contains a field recording from “Służew” (a district in Warsaw). I also used an electroacoustic guitar to record it. (You can listen to the vibration of the strings while the guitar was close to the amplifier).