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Do you remember this great release of ETALABEL?
Krzysztof Orluk & Bai Tian – “Strcture Of”

You can still get the DigiPack in our BandCamp shop or in Polish shop

A fragment of a Vital Weekly review of the album:
[…] Delicate late night music of carefully constructed hiss, cracks and long form glitchy sounds, field recordings inside a train station and which works fine on an early morning (the computer clock says 7:35 – no kidding). Each artist created four pieces, but its hard to see a difference between their individual approaches. There is not a single moment around here which I thought was radically different from what I already know, but everything is executed with the greatest care and love of the microscopic detail of sound. […]

All reviews can be found HERE

It’s great music for this part of the year – winter!

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While downloading free stuff BandCamp usually asks for a ZIP CODE. Please enter any ZIP code of the city where you live, or a different one – It does not really matter.
Here is our FREE / Name Your Price stuff: | great dark ambient album | the first Chinese-Polish collaboration of the ChoP Project | a great album of a Chinese artist Zen Lu | remixes by the artists from all over the world | amazing trip into the past of the Polish national radio… | great EP by DigitalSimplyWorld with many good reviews so far

Finally my new album is here. You can buy the special edition of the “Remaining Sounds” CD with a set of nice postcards + the mp3 download.  The album was published by the California based label

You can listen to the album here and buy the BandCamp download, too.

After 3 years, ETALABEL proudly presents the 5th studio album of Polish and Chinese artists working as a part of the ChoP Project ( This time, Krzysztof Orluk [PL] and Bai Tian [CN] were invited by the founders of the ChoP Project, i.e. Grzegorz Bojanek and Zen Lu, to joint this transnational initiative.

This is a nice ambient / drone / field recording mixture created by two artists from two different regions and cultures.

If you purchase the album on BandCamp you will get a nice hand painted picture. CHECK THE ORIGINAL PICTURES!

Here is a new FREE compendium of the upcoming releases of the Dynamohone label. One track is from my upcoming album “Remaining Sounds”. It will be released in April 2012!

Here is my new LIVE album. I haven’t published any new music for a long time (since 2008), so I thought it would be good to release a live-act. It was mastered by Krzysztof Orluk with his analogue toys so I hope you gonna like the sound. The album was recorded during the charity concert “Sclerosis Multiplex – WEF on TOUR for Przemek Ciszek”

The full album download contains extra visual and audio materials!
There you will find credits and the full album story. ENJOY

The album was published by Mind Twisting Records.

I am leaving for the whole weekend but I don’t want to leave you without any new posts. Here is another interesting artist I managed to find on bandcamp. Of course it was a very unplanned search, but here it is. The artist published this album as noground-r. I find this album called “Takuma” very interesting. It has a interesting history. Why Takuma? Takuma Sato was a Japanese Formula 1 driver. He wasn’t very good but quite successful in his last season (as for the Japanese). I am also a very big Formula 1 fan, so I decided to present this music. It is quite interesting, sometimes ambient but also has some bit structures. Quite a good album for such a horrible weather. And it’s FREE ! Just click on Download below.